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May. 12th, 2011

Oricon chart...Collapse )

Congrats to Kanjani8 for another record broken, their highest 3rd week sales so far! XD

EXILE's Negai no Tou has also moved back in the top albums weekly.

TAKAHIRO...Collapse )

Speaking of haircuts, what's up with those mushroom hair, my Eito boys?? *sigh*



9/5 - Hina & Ryo on Moshimo no Simulation Variety Otameshika! (TV Asahi, 7.00 pm)
12/5 - Ohkura in Himitsu no Arashi-chan (TBS, 10.00 pm)
13/5 - Kanjani8 in Music Station (TV Asahi, 8.00 pm)
16/5 - Hina & Ryo on Moshimo no Simulation Variety Otameshika! (TV Asahi, 7.00 pm)

Magazine appearance of interest:

June - Kanjani8 in MORE
June - Ohkura in POPEYE

Note: New item(s) in red.


It's May 9th and it's Yoko's birthday and OMG he's already 30! XDDD Though he doesn't look it, doesn't he? He's THE Peter Pan, after all! :)

May he have more great life ahead, and all the best in his private and career life, and may he always be happy with his Neverland of Kanjani8 pals! :)

random picspam is random...Collapse )
Oricon...Collapse )

T.W.L/Yellow Pansy Street's 2nd week makes it Eito's highest second week ever. Congrats! XD

Eito will be on Music Station 2 -Hour Special today (a Chibi Maruko-chan anniversary episode), and perform My Home. Can't wait to watch the performance for the first time! :)

Apr. 29th, 2011

Oricon chart in Eito week!

Oricon...Collapse )
Congrats Eito! Despite current circumstances, it's a great feat to manage to stay above 200k. :) Here's hoping for a good second week, and as of yesterday, they went back up to 4th from 7th the previous day. I think they'll have as good as a second week as LIFE! :)

Magazine covers:

June - Kanjani8 on Myojo
June - Kanjani8 on TVfan
30/4~6/5 - Kanjani8 on TV Guide
11/5 - Kanjani8 on TV Pia
30/4~6/5 - Ohkura Tadayoshi on Weekly The Television (with Umareru cast)

Note: New item(s) in red.

Late Oricon charts...

Oricon for 2 weeks...Collapse )

Eito's schedule...

Magazine covers:

May - Kanjani8 on duet
May - Kanjani8 on POTATO
May - Kanjani8 on Wink up
May - Kanjani8 on Monthly TV Guide
May - Kanjani8 on Gekkan Songs
22/4 - Kanjani8 on TV Guide
27/4 - Kanjani8 on TV Pia
May - Kanjani8 on Bessatsu Friend
June - Kanjani8 on Myojo
June - Kanjani8 on TVfan

Magazine appearance of interest:

May - Ohkura in POPEYE
13/4 - Kanjani8 in TV LIFE
13/4 - Kanjani8 in TV station
25/4 - Kanjani8 in OriSuta
19/4 - Hina & Ohkura in Shuukan Asahi
21/4 - Hina & Ohkura in FLIX
29/4 - Kanjani8 in TV Guide
20/4 - Kanjani8 in Weekly The Television
23/4 - Hina & Ohkura in CINEMA SQUARE vol.38
2/5 - Hina & Ohkura in Orisuta
June - Kanjani8 in MORE

Note: New item(s) in red.
Oricon...Collapse )

Eito schedule...


6/4 - Kanjani8 no Shiwake Eito starts (TV Asahi, 1.21 am)
9/4 - Ohkura in All-Star Kanshasai 20 Shuunen Chougoukaban SP (TBS, 6.25 pm)

Magazine covers:

May - Kanjani8 on duet
May - Kanjani8 on POTATO
May - Kanjani8 on Wink up

Magazine appearance of interest:

11/4 - Kanjani8 in Orisuta
May - Maru-chan in Nikkei Entertainment!
5/4 - Hina & Ohkura in acteur No. 23
18/4 - Kanjani8 in Orisuta
May - Ohkura in POPEYE

Note: New item(s) in red.

8UPPERS LIVE TOUR in less than a week! T.W.L./Yellow Pansy Street in 2 weeks! XDDD

Ryo's drama starts next week and we'll be able to hear a short version of "My Home" soon. And Ohkura's drama in the week after that and we'll be able to hear "365 Nichi Kazoku" then! XD

Excuse the capslock, but...

Brace yourself, because...


The post at Eden



Haven't done this in a while...

Magazine appearance of interest:

11/4 - Kanjani8 in Orisuta
May - Maru-chan in Nikkei Entertainment!

Note: New item(s) in red.

T.W.L./Yellow Pansy Street covers are unveiled!


Which one do you like, people? :)

Top 10 Albums Weekly from Oricon (22/3~28/3/2011)

*1 41,541 583,245 EXILE – Negai no Tou
*2 40,829 128,551 Ketsumeishi – Ketsunopolis 7
*3 23,483 233,893 Avril Lavigne – Goodbye Lullaby
*4 21,007 203,879 RADWIMPS - Zettai Zetsumei
*5 14,007 *48,481 supercell - Today Is A Beautiful Day
*6 10,442 *28,110 LUNA SEA – LUNA SEA
*7 *9,800 *68,136 Sheryl Nome starring May'n & Ranka Lee=Nakajima Megumi produced by Kanno Youko - Macross Frontier Sayonara no Tsubasa netabare album the end of "triangle"
*8 *8.622 366,259 Kuwata Keisuke - MUSICMAN
*9 *8,323 184,270 Koda Kumi - Dejavu
10 *8,257 **8,257 Various Artists – Sengoku Nabe TV Music Tonight ~Nantonaku Rekishi ga Manaberu CD~ NEW

Top 10 Singles Weekly from Oricon (22/3~28/3/2011)

*1 81,013 *,*81,013 MAXIMUM THE HORMONE – Greatest the Hits 2011~2011 NEW
*2 36,658 *,196,336 Not yet – Shumatsu Not yet
*3 *9,803 *,*38,335 BEAST - SHOCK
*4 *6,753 1,046,313 AKB48 – Sakura no Ki ni Narou
*5 *6,601 *,140,072 NYC - Yumetamago
*6 *6,500 *,226,030 SKE48 - Banzai Venus
*7 *5,262 *,*16,408 FUNKY MONKEY BABYS - RUNWAY?BEAT
*8 *4,804 *,606,914 Arashi - Lotus
*9 *4,479 *,*13,546 Sakanaction - Rookie
10 *4,182 *,**9,666 Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Top 10 Music-DVDs Weekly from Oricon (22/3~28/3/2011)

*1 **7,307 184,051 KARA - KARA BEST CLIPS
*2 **4,695 749,933 Arashi - ARASHI 10-11 TOUR “Scene” ~Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fukei~ STADIUM
*3 **3,595 *54,064 YUI - HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN
*4 **3,574 *17,436 AAA - AAA 5th Anniversary LIVE 20100912 at Yokohama Arena
*5 **3,327 *14,270 Hexagon All Stars – Hexagon Family Concert WE LIVE¦ Hexagon 2010
*6 **3,026 *12,630 SID - SIDNAD Vol. 6 ~LIVE 2010~
*7 **2,443 **2,443 Momoiro Clover – Momoiro Christmas in Nippon Seinenkan ~DAPPI~ NEW
*8 **2,364 *87,409 Dohmoto Koichi - KOICHI DOHMOTO CONCERT TOUR 2010 BPM
10 **2,057 **2,057 Various Artists - Data Carddas Precure All Stars Kirakira Oshare DVD NEW

As you can see, not many new releases as most of the big names push theirs until April/May. Next week will look even worse. Still, congrats MtH and EXILE!


I believe things in Japan is looking up, despite radioactive fears and all. Though the after-effects of quake-tsunami are still huge and saddening, as reality checks in for a lot of people. Check my tweets at whited_79 for more firsthand updates and information from pros and amateurs on site in Japan.

oricon...Collapse )

I guess most Eighters already know about Monhan CM starring Yoko, Hina, Subaru & Maru. I guess, their free advertising of the game for these past few years has finally paid off LOL!

And now Eighters, time to freak out even more! XDDD

- Postponed 8UPPERS DVD has a release date: April 13th!
- Double-A side single release on April 20th: T.W.L./Yellow Pansy Street. Theme songs to Crayon Shin-chan anime series and movie respectively. 3 editions!
- Single release on May 11th called My Home. Theme song to Ryo's drama.
- Single release on June 8th called 365 Nichi Kazoku. Theme song to Maki/Ohkura drama.

Source: Teichiku

Yes, I'm all kinds of freaking out right now. *big grin*

P/S: Looks like Maru won Best Newcomer in TV Navi Drama Awards. Congrats, Maru-chan! XD



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