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It's Sept 11 today, and it's officially Yasuda Shota's 23rd birthday! YAY!

To my sweet guitarist,

I admire your courage to be different from others no matter what anybody says,
I love your sweet and unpretentious smile because you look so sincere doing it,
I adore the way you play the guitar tenaciously like it's the most precious thing for you to do in the whole world,
I love the way you write your songs and lyrics as if you're the only one who can sing it.

To Yasu,

May you have a wonderful birthday with your family and friends and eito, and may your days with eito be filled with more laughter, more happiness and more success than ever before, and may one day you and SubaruBAND will get to play in live houses like the 4 of you have always dreamt of.


Yasu's solo from the album KJ2 Zukkoke Daidassou:

Yasuda Shota - Watashi Kagami
Song by: Yasuda Shota
Lyrics by: Yasuda Shota

Youtube links:

Yasuda Shota - Shelter (where Yasu is still the boyish one and did that sexy dance in V.WEST's 1st Live)

Fancam - Watashi Kagami (solo) (from the recent show in Yokohama Arena)

Jani-ben - Yasu said the wrong thing and got teased by Subaru & Maru

Sanyoudai - Onigishi (the SCP performance where Yoko appears as guest, Sankyoudai is another sub-unit of Kanjani8 comprised of Yu (Yoko) the eldest, Chipa (Yasu) the middle one and Baru the youngest)

Kanjani8 on Excite!! - Heavenly Psycho (Yasu's view)

Suka-J - Subaru stole Yasu's strawberry, again!
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    HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY, YASU! XD Sorry no proper post for you this year...

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