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Hey all! Wow, my last post was in August last year? That's almost a year! Can't believe how I've neglected this LJ since I got on twitter. I should start posting my twitter rants again here soon too!

So many things are going on in my Eito fandom this year! It's their 8th anniversary since debut, there was Papadol!, Ai Deshita single that just surpassed 300k in its 4th week last week, Maru's first lead role in a drama series, Yasu's first lead role in a drama series, upcoming ER single, Eito Ranger movie on July 28th, upcoming Aoppana single (still dateless), 8-sai matsuri including 8/8 Kyocera Dome event...So many stuff! XD

I'll talk more, but here's the latest Eito TV schedule for reference!

17/7 - Hina on Star Draft Kaigi (NTV, 22.00~22.54 pm)
22/7 - Kanjani8 on Music Lovers (NTV, 23.30~23.55 pm)
25/7 - Kanjani8 on Ichiban Song SHOW SP (NTV, 19.00~20.54 pm)
26/7 - Yoko on Himitsu no Arashi-chan! (TBS, 22.00~22.54 pm)
26/7 - Yoko & Hina on 5LDK (FujiTV, 23.00~23.30 pm)
27/7 - Kanjani8 on Music Station (TV Asahi, 20.00 pm)
28/7 - Kanjani8 on Arashi ni Shiyagare (NTV, 22.00~22.54 pm)
29/7 - Hina on Gyouretsu no Dekiru Houritsu Soudansho (NTV, 21.00~21.54 pm)
30/7 - Hina & Ryo on Qsama!! (TV Asahi, 8.00 pm)
30/7 - Yoko on Jinsei ga Kawaru 1-punkan no Fuka Ii Hanashi (NTV, 21.00~21.54 pm)
1/8 - Honma Dekka!? TV 90-pun SP (FujiTV, 20.30~21.54 pm)
6/8 - Yoko, Yasu & Ohkura on Moshimo no Simulation Variety Otameshika! (TV Asahi, 19.00~19.54 pm)

The closest one is Hina on Star Draft Kaigi tomorrow. So many things to watch and download! XD
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